Nature – FalcaoLucas

Nature – FalcaoLucas
“A woman with antlers in front of a never-ending building, pointing upwards towards a small blob of light highlights our theme of nature.
The antlers, a symbol of wildness and untamed nature, in contrast to the endless concrete and steel of the city, suggests a longing for something greater and more meaningful. The artwork invites us to consider the role that nature plays in our lives and to ask whether we are paying enough attention to the world around us.”

Digital print  on 310 g acid free cotton paper with animation in Augmented Reality.
Signed and numbered by the artists.
Limited edition of 50 prints.
Dimensions – 29.7 x 32 cm

Download and install the app ARTIVIVE from Google Play or Apple App Store and point your phone at the image.


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Tânia Falcão and Luís Avelar Lucas are two designers, illustrators, motiongraphers and musicians, who in their personal lives are also a couple. After working together in advertising they decided, in 2012, to create their own digital art project – FalcaoLucas.

Together they made a strong curriculum, with several awards, such as one of the GIF’s of the year by Tumblr Year in Review 2014 and second place in the Giphoscope Award.

Animated short films selected for Art Rise Savannah – International Gif Festival USA, Lisbon International Film Festival, Trés Court Festival, Girona Film Festival and Puppet – Animation Film Festivalbaden / Switzerland.

And clients like Paramount, Fox, Kit Kat, Republic Records, Casablanca Records, Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation and Diário de Notícias.

Weight 300 g

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