FOmE – Vol. II

FOmE Vol. II magazine
300 copies
Art direction by Pedro Faria Cunha and Margarida Mata.
Topcoat in vegetable paper 102 g. Cover on glossy coated paper. Inside on coated paper glitter 150 g.
72 pages.
Artists: Tiago Hesp, ADAO, Óscar Silva/Jibóia, Sofia Lobato, Tvfer, MAU, Iva Viana and Sergio Braz d’Almeida.
Size – 23 x 23 cm


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FOmE Vol. II magazine
FOmE is a magazine based on two primordial concepts – accessible underground and gallery on paper.
We are looking for a publication model that operates as a vehicle for the exhibition of original works of art, without excluding textual material and reflection.
The accessible underground defines artists, or spaces, that work outside the institutional means and in which we recognize manifest interest and innovation, within the framework of the creation or the promotion of the contemporary artistic activity.
We have characterized noble artistic expressions and poor relatives. A post-hardcore concert fits on the same stage as Shakespeare, Street Art lines up with a Rodin sculpture and a poster fits in the same frame as a Van Gogh painting.
The music, photography, film or painting of an accessible underground artist is more beautiful than the Victory of Samothrace.
We believe in a bold artistic creation that is not governed by mercantilist values or tendencies. Notwithstanding, however, to be attentive to the contemporaneity of the world that surrounds it.
We reject geographical boundaries with the same vehemence as artistic ones. We look for open fields where we find combat artists fighting in decentralized territories.
We call on workers of utopia for a sharing based and an immense generosity that materializes in a paper exhibition.
More than works, we want to show people.

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