The renovation – We broke walls, created doors, pushed up ceilings, moved furniture, all with the elasticity and strength of a late spring. The result was an exclusive area for gallery, where we will continue to present young emerging artists. We want to continue to help those who are taking the first steps, and to strengthen the wings of those who already know how to fly.

Throughout these years, we have already made 19 exhibitions. Some with very strong names, not being able to exclude any: Tamara Alves, sejkko, Vanessa Teodoro, Nicolae Negura, Lisboa ConVida, Bárbara Gil, Nuno Fonseca, Margarida Girão, PSTR, Margarida Fleming, Pedro Zamith , Rita Cascais, Sara Feio, Ana Types Type, SAMINA, Nina Fraser, Alípio Padilha, Tiago Hesp and finally Halfstudio.

The opening of the new space for gallery was celebrated with the twenty exhibition. That fell on a promising artist, Rita Ravasco. The show could be seen until July 14 of 2018.

Our store did not fall behind and reopened with a total renovation. With more space for the prints / serigraphs and original paintings from our artists. As well as for the carefully selected products, among small craftsmen and companies that arrive us from North to South. Fleeing the mass products, here you will find a selection of products “outside of the box “and unique pieces. With the aim of promoting a more conscious and sustainable consumption. Valuing the local commerce and obviously the products “Made in Portugal”.

An alternative shop and a gallery for art lovers.
Come visit us!