It’s 10 years of a lot of growth, a lot of construction and a lot of learning. There are many memories of incredible experiences, other of hardtimes, but our focus is on the future and what we still have to accomplish. Certainties, only our commitment to continue to show the quality of what is done in Portugal.

For those who only know us recently, we want to say that we are here, in the center of Lisbon and online, promoting emerging artists based in Portugal, before this country was trendy. There were 3 653 days promoting a lot of art. Through us, more than 100 artists have passed, more than 50 exhibitions and we have exported artwork to all corners of the world.

This is a very special day on which we would like to thank everyone who made this project get to this stage. To the artists, collaborators, friends and neighbors, and to all customers spread around the world, a big thank you.

And this celebration would not be the same if we didn’t have a present to offer you. This weekend, you have a 20% discount on all Apaixonarte products. Use coupon 10YEARS until Sunday, December 4, at 11:59 pm.

Stay with us, support artists and local business!