Apaixonarte has the pleasure of presenting A Alegria da Caverna, an individual exhibition by Tiago Hesp.

The opening with the presence of the artist will be on April 6, starting at 6:00 p.m.
The exhibition will be open until April 28.

This exhibition is supported by Mercearia do Vinho.

Free entrance.



Not always we were made of light. Once, just the shade that stones shove on a heel kick.
Lowered back, rusty hinges, scratched nose.
To the past days we left the dark and, in the deep meaty dark, a fade of nothing, not even happiness.

Chains yet carved to the feet, umbilical, sick hands that never practiced “goodbyes”. They didn’t want to set us loose.

From grooves and furrows we met blood. Took the heart to the drums and straightened the spine to watch the rivers flow. No one had ever told us. No one had ever told us of the beauty held in ugliness, of how false can be the truth the world has to give.

Text by Tiago Hesp


Tiago Hesp is Tiago Proença. Born in November 1981. Made all his schooling through the arts path and, in 1999, was accepted to the Cenografy course in Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (former Lisbon Conservatory). Early in 1998 got in the world of graffiti and, through it, earned some recognition; initially, with persistent work over the tridimensionality of letters and the light as a dominant element in all environments.

With the practice of drawing came also the appeal for things that are rough, unpolished, the consciousness that there may be more beyond the perfect things. Never lost the will to search and always kept creating new languages with his own personal print.

Today, he works focused on growing as an artist and to anchor, definitely, his presence in the world of arts.