Symmetry Really Flies 00 – Nuno Fonseca

Symmetry Really Flies 00 – Nuno Fonseca
Acrylic on canvas.
Unique Piece, 2020
Size – 100 x 2,5 x 100 cm

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Symmetry Really Flies 00 – Nuno Fonseca
Born in Lisbon in 1971. He works as an illustrator since he was a teenager. He also works as an architect and art historian, both courses he took at the university and wich stongly mark his painting.

The stylized mode he picture the landscape and architectural structures is often abstract and dark, but the way he uses the canvas as a comics square gives it a certain pop joy that makes his painting both disconcerting and stimulating.

Whenever there is a text in his paintings it suggests socio-political environments although not identifiable are not totally strange to us. Thereby with some humor and irony that we are invited to imagine another worlds, possible and impossible universes lost in space or in time.

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