Revista Gerador

Revista Gerador (Gerador Magazine)
A bimonthly magazine with theme and designer different to each number. It talks about Portuguese culture, its artists, actors and entities, always from a decentralized and humorous perspective. It is a magazine distributed throughout the country, in which more than 300 authors of writing, urban art, dance, theater, comics or handicrafts have participated, among other areas.

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Revista Gerador (Gerador Magazine)
Revista Gerador is a quarterly magazine with information about all Portuguese culture, what identifies us and nourishes our self-esteem. Not only for Portuguese, it has a completely different design to each number, with sections of comedy, theater, gastronomy, cinema, music, a collective police novel with new episodes to each number and even fotonovelas made by dancers and actors. Always with unpublished works of known and unknown authors, suggestions of places to visit, and places to eat or experience the Portuguese culture.

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