No Color? No Fun – Tiago Galo

No Color? No Fun – Tiago Galo
A tribute to contemporary illustration with a special focus on the use of color as a key element of the illustrated object. Color, for these artists, is not merely a secondary observer, but rather a leading actor that is strongly present. It partners with the traits that create characters, frames, and landscapes. Color does not exist in a disguised way, and it helps to create differentiation, to convey fun and drama. High contrast and reduced palettes are not impediments to showing personality and uniqueness. We hope that you find on this set of pages and authors the values that we consider fundamental for a good illustration: technique, surprise, and beauty.

Language – Portuguese and English
Illustration – Tiago Galo
Editor – No Frame – Creative Publishing, 2019
Book with 96 pages, stitch bound and with hardcover.
Texts by No Frame
Size – 16,5 × 23,5 cm


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No Color? No Fun – Tiago Galo
Tiago Galo is a Portuguese illustrator based in Lisbon. He began his work as an illustrator by collaborating in small fanzines and exhibitions, before finishing his degree.In 2011 he won the award for best comedian in the Amadora BD competition. In 2014 he completes the course of Art Direction at the Edit Creative School in Lisbon. He currently works as a freelance designer and illustrator.

NO FRAME – CREATIVE PUBLISHING aspires to get a feel of the creative world, mainly through less conventional collections. Its mission is to expose what is aesthetically appealing, even when it seems apparently distant from the archetypes of perfection. At the same time, it looks to offer, in small doses of gracefulness, different perspectives of the real world.

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