Maria Carmen de la Esperanza – Los Pepes Studio

Maria Carmen de la Esperanza – Los Pepes Studio
Piece created for the Divine Immunity Exhibition, at Apaixonarte.
Spray and acrylic paint protected with shiny varnish over ceramic.
Unique Piece.
Dimensions Approx. – 10 x 14 x 15 cm


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Los Pepes Studio
The unknown while sometimes exciting, can also be frightening. It’s scary to deal with something we do not know, something we can not predict when it’s going to end or even if it will ever end. But, as the Portuguese saying goes ‘ there is no such thing as a harm that lasts forever, nor a good thing that never ends’. What we have, fortunately, is us – us and our beliefs. Whether they are more or less rational.

A mysticism that although is inexplicable makes sense to us, because at some point it gave us hope and helped us when nothing rational could.

The work we present, Maria Carmen de la Esperanza, is an artistic interpretation of superstition. We chose a duck due to its feathers and the symbolic weight that they carry. Here we interpreted the feathers with vivid colours, organic and geometric patterns. Because although a belief can be an irrational thing, there’s always some logic behind it.


Los Pepes Studio is a Portugal based artistic duo that started its activity in 2015 at Porto. Both artists’ backgrounds is related to visual arts and design. They met and started their team during their Masters in Art and Design for the Public Space. Currently living at their home town, Lisbon, they have been developing their own visual expression through a symbolic language, bright colours and crazy patterns. Their practice, mainly related to street art and illustration, embraces a variety of techniques that allows Los Pepes to explore different approaches to develop their collaborative dialogue of shapes and colours.


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