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Contemporary Landscapes – Germes Gang

Contemporary Landscapes – Germes Gang
Book with 60 pages.
Printed on IOR Premium 135gr.
Published by Stolen Books, September 2018
Size – 15 x 21 cm



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Contemporary Landscapes – Germes Gang
Lisbon-based illustration trio Germes Gang, who work with street art, have released a new book visualising their very favourite things. Contemporary Landscapes brings points of obsession for the gang — including “iconic cartoons,  TV shows, brands, sports, and the low life” – into being.

For the gang’s three members, collaboration is thought of as “graffiti and art interventions which are politically and socially charged,” they tell It’s Nice That. Consequently, they see their practice as one “embedded in sarcasm,” and “perceive everything related to contemporary life traumatic.”

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