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Déjà Vu – André Carrilho

Déjà Vu – André Carrilho
Language – Portuguese
Editor – Arranha-céus / February  2016
Book with 104 pages, with hardcover.
Size – 24 x 28,4 x 1 cm


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Déjà Vu – André Carrilho
Anthology of cartoons of one of the most prestigious, awarded and internationalized authors of press design, which in Portugal publishes, above all, in the Diário de Notícias. No important moment, pressing subject, or notable personality of recent years has escaped his scathing gaze.

“One day, the French newspaper Libération asked writers from around the world:” Why do you write? “The best answer came from the Portuguese author Lobo Antunes:” Because I can not dance like Fred Astaire. “Why am I here to preface? Plagiarism: because I do not know how to draw like André Carrilho. It’s so much easier to explain things with two scribbles – just have a tremendous talent. As I have not, I continue by mere words. In 1974, on the eve of our 25th of April, Salvador Puig Antich, a Spanish anarchist militant, was killed by the Franco regime. It will be the last to be executed by the vile club. On the first anniversary of his death, in the spring of 1975, there were demonstrations in Lisbon. One of them, anarchists, passed by the headquarters of the Spanish airline company Iberia and moved on. But on arriving at the shop of the Italian airline company Alitalia, the demonstration broke the shop windows. I think it was on that day that I met André Carrilho. “From the preface by Ferreira Fernandes.