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Black in Black – 1/1

Black in Black – 1/1
Includes 2 white pencils from the Viarco 500 Series and an A5 notebook for lovers of contrast.
Second edition of 300 copies.
Illustration © Rafaela Rodrigues
Soft cover with 400g/m2.
52 black pages.
Paper – Ivory 100g/m2.
Size – 14 x 20 cm (approx.)


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Black in Black – 1/1
Daniel Mendes, communication designer and passionate about design excellence and perfect craftsmanship, joined Oliva, an old sewing machine reborn to paper. Together, they’re 1/1, a brand born in Coimbra and 100% Portuguese. They craft limited edition and hand numbered notebooks, each one carefully prepared, whether it’s a home creation or a personalized order. The goal is always to achieve perfect harmony between design, conception, product and tradition.
There’s something a little different about these notebooks.

Weight 120 g