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Amores (Im)Possíveis – Inês Meneses

Amores (Im)Possíveis – Inês Meneses
Illustration by Tiago Galo
Language – Portuguese
Editor – Abysmo / April 2018
Book with 64 pages, with softcover.
Size – 10,8 x 18,3 x 0,6 cm


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Amores (Im)Possíveis – Inês Meneses
Love does not usually give us a great chance of choice: first we smile, we often cry and after some time we laugh at what we live (if we have the capacity).
Looking at this book is like looking at the registration of a bank account and noticing the movements. Is it to laugh or cry?
Several years on Facebook have given these sentences that are almost minicontos. in many cases we get to see the whole novel. Or the end of it …