Apaixonarte is pleased to present its first collective + RESPEITO. A group exhibition which aims to reflect on the number of victims of domestic violence in our country in a 2019 retrospective view. Calling for a closer and solution-focused look to create space for + (more) RESPECT.

The opening, with the presence of the artists, is scheduled for December 6, starting at 6 pm.
The exhibition will be open until January 11.
Free entry.





In 2018, 28 female deaths were reported in the context of domestic violence. More than in 2017, which counted 20 deaths. This year, although there are no official numbers yet, there are already 29 deaths reported by the media.

What is behind these deaths?

We know that 85% of victims of domestic violence are female, mostly between 36 and 50 years old, who belong to a nuclear family with children and that 80% suffer prolonged violence, on average between 2 and 6 years.
We know that hundreds of women and their children live in homes where fear, sometimes economic helplessness and indifference of their neighbors.
We know that children living in these environments carry trauma for the rest of their lives, with a strong chance of becoming future oppressors.

Domestic violence bloodstain the Portuguese society and it is necessary to stop this generational behavior and rooted cultural habits, through prevention.

Curated by Apaixonarte, will be presented 10 artworks of national artists who promptly joined this cause (Adamastor, Gonçalo Mar, Jorge Coelho, Margarida Fleming, Pedro Zamith, Ricardo Ladeira, Rita Ravasco, SAMINA , Tamara Alves e Uma Joana) .

Together, we will revert 50% of sales to Umar Association – União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta, which has been advocating gender equality in Portugal, for over 30 years.