Starling Blue – Nina Fraser

‘Birdsong’ by Nina Fraser began in Spring 2014 with a Goldcrest, sitting on the trees outside our kitchen. I had just begun to paint, after a period of creative absence. My notion was to attempt to capture the fleeting gestures of this tiny creature with the minimal amount of brush strokes possible.

A few months later, I emigrated to Portugal and my artistic path began to unfold – channeling my feelings of cultural displacement into a greater exploration of collage and sculptural installation. The subject of birds, as well as the specific watercolour technique I was exploring stayed with me, providing me with a pure form of expression that I could develop alongside my progress as a multidisciplinary  artist.  Birds, in many cultures, are a symbol of freedom, transition and new life – and have now become a personal motif, as well as a channel in which to connect with others.

Original painting created from Indian/Acrylic Ink & Watercolours, presented in soft white passpartout and a wood frame.

Size – 19,7 x 25 cm


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Nina Fraser (born St.Albans, UK, 1984) is a multidisciplinary artist, graduating with BA hons in Textile Art at Winchester School of ArtUniversity of Southampton (UK) in 2006. She creates collage, paintings and sculpture inspired by human interaction and relationship with the environment. She has exhibited in solo and collective exhibitions in UK, Portugal, Italy, Germany and USA. Her collage work has been selected for publication in USA, ltaly, UK, Spain and Portugal, and was one of the selected entries for the Evolver prize in 2017 (UK). She lives and works between Lisbon, Portugal and Christchurch, Dorset, never missing a chance to breathe in the sea air.