Burel Clutch or Bag

Clutch or purse that closes with magnet. Exterior all in Burel and inside striped lining with small pocket. Removable metal handle.

Burel is a versatile, resistant and waterproof fabric.

Size | W35 x H24 cm

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LimeNatural BurelPetrol BlueSky BlueUltramarine BlueBlackBrownOrange
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Burel is a 100% sheep wool fabric of medieval origin, always associated with Serra da Estrela, the mountains and the shepherds’ coats. It results from a sequence of specific operations in the manufacturing process. The wool, after having been sheared, washed, spun, woven on the organ, and woven on the loom, is trodden on a machine called pisão, that beats and scales the wool transforming the fabric (saw) into burel, making it tighter, versatile, resistant and waterproof.

This collection of unisex bags and accessories is developed in straight lines, always combining two neutral colors and one predominant. Practical pieces with various functions in order to adapt to the fast-paced life of the city. Shoulder bags that can be backpacks, bags that turn into suitcases, computer bags and mobile phones, and many pockets to store all the physical applications of our daily lives.

Dimensions 10 × 34 × 29 cm

Lime, Natural Burel, Petrol Blue, Sky Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Black, Brown, Orange